A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between Cisco  International Limited, Synacor Consortium Limited, a Cisco authorized channel partner, and the Kenyan Senate to confirm the parties’ efforts in accelerating the Senate’s digital transformation plans using the software ‘Legislate for  Webex’. The world-leading software developed by Irish software company Davra for global powerhouse Cisco will enable Kenyan legislators in the Senate to make remote collaboration even more effective and will provide an immersive window into the Senate floor. 

The adoption of ‘Legislate for Webex’ by the Senate will be the latest in a series of forward-thinking technological solutions that the Senate has embedded to maximize efficiencies and align with the Kenyan Government’s national digitization agenda. 

With the Covid pandemic affecting legislatures around the globe, moving to virtual hearings and debates started becoming the new normal. ‘Legislate for Webex’ enabled legislatures to convene safely and securely and provided governing continuity to legislative and parliamentary bodies around the globe. The software platform delivers the  following to global legislatures:  

▪ Highly visible, contextual participant controls, such as crystal-clear mute, raise-hand, and voting buttons;

▪ An information board and agenda so participants can follow the process; 

▪ Secure, clear voting, with vote details, timer, in-vote tallies by party, votes by name, and anonymous voting when needed. Voting captures the experience of a physical vote board online; 

▪ Sidebar video discussion rooms, for parties, members, and staff to confer in complete privacy;

▪ Live interpretation and closed captioning to make sure everyone is included and understands what is being said. 

Davra and Synacor Consortium Limited will be responsible for the installation and training of the Senate members on the ‘Legislate for Webex’ platform. 

Credit:Business Today